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Suggestions For My Extreme Hair Cut

I have always relied on sympathy from my nearest and dearest relatives. When I donates a 12 inch pony tail to “Wigs for Kids”, I never thought what I would be left with hair cut to 1nch all over my … Continue reading

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Bastrop Sustainable Meetup at the Comfort Cafe

Sorry, I am so late on reporting this most interesting Meetup.  Our members were treated to a most wonderful, interesting Café, and Gardens that support nourishment for Body and Soul. Comfort Café in Smithville relies on good food and good … Continue reading

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Shock and Awe Hair Style

A few months ago, my hair was getting too long and needed cutting. My Daughter, Catherine who has very thick hair also wanted a hair cut. With summer well on it’s way, we thought short hair might be cooler. We … Continue reading

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Tlingit Culture Revival

  I was born in 1942 in the Territory of Alaska. (Alaska did not gain statehood until 1959) When I was 10 years old, I asked my Tlingit Grandmother to teach me her language. She said, “Why? Who will you … Continue reading

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Want to be Green? How?

  I searched for answers and get all these possibilities. I am solution oriented and want to know how to GO GREEN. How do I sort information from all these sources? As you begin to study these topics you begin … Continue reading

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Simply Making Sauerkraut at Home

Catherine and I love Rueben sandwiches. MMMM…rye bread, sauce (we use Thousand Island Dressing), slices of melted Swiss cheese and a pile of thin-sliced corned beef-topped with a generous mass of sauerkraut.  We also knew the sauerkraut had beneficial microbes … Continue reading

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Which Medicinal Plant?

How do we know we are all talking about the same plant? Early records of observers of Native American use of plants for healing and other practices was done by people who were not steeped in technical learning. They appreciated … Continue reading

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,April 29, 2017 I have a lot of things I am curious about. I have read a lot about Chinese medical practices including their Barefoot Doctors programs. I have never actually explored the acupuncture practice Until NOW. I have made … Continue reading

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Disappearing Chicken Mystery at The Purple Gate Herb Farm

Catherine L. Mills I have a few backyard chickens for egg production. I have learned a lot with the 5-6 chickens for the past few years. I researched, planned, and built a portable chicken coop with the ideas of moving … Continue reading

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Memories reoccur…

Love, Grief, Understanding For fifty two years of marriage I did not see so many things As they were— lost in our busy lives. Late at night I remember. A new understanding seeps through the dark. I see. His smiling … Continue reading

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