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Frustration With My Laptop

When we knew we were moving to the country, I decided I better learn all I could to keep our computers running. My husband only knew how to use a computer and was not interested in solving any problems on … Continue reading

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A Dream Come True

Years ago I read an article about how sunflowers track the sun. Until then I did not know this wonderful information. I had gone through life unaware that sunflowers followed the sun all day, recording the path in the fibers … Continue reading

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Back to Basics and High Tech

Brazos County Texas in the 21st Century. What do raising goats, building cob and cordwood and adobe buildings, organic gardening, an area of the city set aside as a Chicken Sanctuary, small farms, and farmers markets have in common with … Continue reading

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Water Management for Fun and Profit

A conversation recently caused me to begin thinking about how people through time have managed water. In reading about ancient cultures I knew many had irrigation systems. Clay tablet showing a map of canals and irrigation systems to the west … Continue reading

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Thin Air?

“Everyone says we are in a drought. I usually believe it, but have you noticed that even without any rain for most of this month, there was a lot of dew drops on all our plants every morning?” my daughter asked … Continue reading

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Solar, Rain and Recycle

A Full Commitment to Sustainable Living We had a successful meetup at the Purple Gate Herb Farm, August 29, about our Solar Installation. All participants were very interested in Sustainable information. Catherine and I asked if anyone was interested in … Continue reading

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Light Up My Life

Years ago my mother said to me as I went out the door, “On your way home stop by a store and get me some 100 watt bulbs.” I could do this easily. I stopped by a hardware store, check … Continue reading

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Missed This Meetup? Electromagnetics and Magnetic Fields

Bastrop Sustainable Meetup December 20, 2014 · 12:00 PM Electromagnetics and Magnetic Fields- The Effects on You, Your Plants and Fish   A lot of what was covered can be found in a variety of websites that give pros and … Continue reading

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Technology-The Cloud

Who owns What? Once upon a time I thought I had possessions. I believed that there were things I had full claim or authority over. That there were some properties that were classified as mine and mine alone.  For instance, … Continue reading

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A Very Green Shopping Mall-The Mall of the Americas

My daughter, Catherine and I have observed in Arlington and Austin, Texas shopping Malls are disappearing. We wondered if this was just local or national. The CEO of a major shopping mall building company recently warned that “within 10 to … Continue reading

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