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Wocket Stove Wednesday

My daughter Catherine and I received this invitation. Catherine has mentioned her interest in rocket stoves for some time so we read the invitation from Tone carefully. Wocket Stove WednesdayAww yeah peeps, you guys wanna go do something awesome? Cuz … Continue reading

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Unexpected Bastrop Sustainable Meetup

Will Holcomb, Bastrop Sustainable Meetup Organizer  and George Swanson got the chance to set up this Meetup at Buda Aquaponics, one night for the next day. Plenty of forewarning… uh huh! George had a Meetup with Bastrop Sustainable at the … Continue reading

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I recommend this site to anyone who has suffered great losses in life.

  Kevin Kling is part funny guy, part poet and playwright, part wise man. A treasured figure on the national storytelling circuit, his voice inhabits an unusual space — where a homegrown Minnesota wit meets Dante and Shakespeare. Born with … Continue reading

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Thin Air?

“Everyone says we are in a drought. I usually believe it, but have you noticed that even without any rain for most of this month, there was a lot of dew drops on all our plants every morning?” my daughter asked … Continue reading

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Is Sustainable The Same As Self-Sufficient?

By Catherine L. Mills I fell into thinking that “Sustainable” was the same as “Self-Sufficient”. How wrong I was! Here is how I got set straight on the subject. Our shower began a small leak. Over time the loss of … Continue reading

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I am all for sustainable living but there are limits. Catherine, my daughter sent me an email with recommendations that I check out a website. Her response to this site is Eeeeuuuuwww!!!! What do you think?

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Herb Studies: An Aztec Herbal 1552

Treasure Huntingsubmitted by Mary H. Mills When the weather is wet and cold I like to surf the web for interesting stuff. One of my favorite sites is I find surprises nearly every time I search through this site. … Continue reading

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Missed This Meetup? Electromagnetics and Magnetic Fields

Bastrop Sustainable Meetup December 20, 2014 · 12:00 PM Electromagnetics and Magnetic Fields- The Effects on You, Your Plants and Fish   A lot of what was covered can be found in a variety of websites that give pros and … Continue reading

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A Very Green Shopping Mall-The Mall of the Americas

My daughter, Catherine and I have observed in Arlington and Austin, Texas shopping Malls are disappearing. We wondered if this was just local or national. The CEO of a major shopping mall building company recently warned that “within 10 to … Continue reading

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What is Aquaponics-and how is it Sustainable?

I read a magazine article that described a project in one of the Carolina states, North or South? I don’t remember exactly the details. What I do remember is the project. It was called “Aquaponics” and the description just inspired … Continue reading

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