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Snake Catcher

Seeing that snake catcher rod reminded me of an event in our family. This is not a story for the weak of heart with teens in the wilds of Texas. My young son was with this group of teens. The … Continue reading

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Memories. Halloween, Sometime in the 1960’s.

My son wanted to cover one of his eyes and make an eye low on his cheek. We went to a theatrical make-up store and bought make-up to work on his idea. (This was his favorite holiday). We did the … Continue reading

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Learning Through Gardening

(this is a Texas Tale about how I became a Food Forest Gardener. The beginning was decades earlier) I married a man who had a gardening mother.   His memories of her Victory Gardens and flower gardens were special to … Continue reading

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Memories are sweet and painful at the same time. My husband died and I thought he left me. I felt so lost, 54 years of marriage with one person made every thought about US, him and I. Now suddenly I … Continue reading

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An Individual in the Making

Once upon a time there was a child that was sure to become a unique individual. The child was raised in the city. His great-grandparents lived in a far rural part of Texas. There were no city noises only the … Continue reading

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She Could Not Let Go

Blacky Cat came meowing loudly to my bedroom door. I got up and followed as she rushed to Catherine’s room. She got in the doorway and looked right then left. When she didn’t see Catherine, she led me to the … Continue reading

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Country Living Joyful News

January 17, 2015 One acre of our land had suffered the 2009 and 2011 Wildfires and a noxious weed, ragwort, had taken over between the fallen trees. It was impossible to walk on the uneven land. We hired a wonderful … Continue reading

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I am all for sustainable living but there are limits. Catherine, my daughter sent me an email with recommendations that I check out a website. Her response to this site is Eeeeuuuuwww!!!! What do you think?

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Unlikely Says My Husband and I Admit Improbable – But True!

© Mary H. Mils I often pass through the living room and paused to look out the big picture window. A few times I heard a commotion and saw the postman pinned up against my neighbors garage door across the … Continue reading

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Ants In The Pants

As a young woman, I was fascinated by these industrious little marvels of the insect world. I even wrote a paper in biology class in high school on the extraordinary little creatures. But that was then, when I was in … Continue reading

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