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Frustration With My Laptop

When we knew we were moving to the country, I decided I better learn all I could to keep our computers running. My husband only knew how to use a computer and was not interested in solving any problems on … Continue reading

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Suggestions For My Extreme Hair Cut

I have always relied on sympathy from my nearest and dearest relatives. When I donates a 12 inch pony tail to “Wigs for Kids”, I never thought what I would be left with hair cut to 1nch all over my … Continue reading

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Back to the future is in progress at Home.

A friend and her husband got behind on payments due to unforeseen events and their home was foreclosed on. They found themselves without a home.  The bank  took their home and all their 18 years of equity. The bank could … Continue reading

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Texas Chainsaw

Be more careful than you think necessary when operating a chainsaw. My husband and daughter were simply taking down a standing  tree that was burned in a wildfire. He is experienced and has cut many trees down with a chainsaw … Continue reading

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Election News – Who Is Out of Touch

The election will soon be over. The republicans will continue to debase Obama and Hillary until they die or republicans die. Such wasted tax payer money will continue and no problems of the country will be addressed. Is this what … Continue reading

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I recommend this site to anyone who has suffered great losses in life.

  Kevin Kling is part funny guy, part poet and playwright, part wise man. A treasured figure on the national storytelling circuit, his voice inhabits an unusual space — where a homegrown Minnesota wit meets Dante and Shakespeare. Born with … Continue reading

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Solar energy saving soldiers lives?

The danger of reliance on fossil fuels in the middle of a war zone are lessons learned in wars both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Importing and transporting fuel onto the battlefield is incredibly expensive. Supply chains could be disrupted by … Continue reading

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Oh Deer!

Wildlife abounds in Texas, even in housing additions and developed areas. A friend lives in an area of Austin, Texas where the deer are boldly moving among the houses in her area both day and night. They are unafraid of humans and … Continue reading

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