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Shock and Awe Hair Style

A few months ago, my hair was getting too long and needed cutting. My Daughter, Catherine who has very thick hair also wanted a hair cut. With summer well on it’s way, we thought short hair might be cooler. We … Continue reading

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Disappearing Chicken Mystery at The Purple Gate Herb Farm

Catherine L. Mills I have a few backyard chickens for egg production. I have learned a lot with the 5-6 chickens for the past few years. I researched, planned, and built a portable chicken coop with the ideas of moving … Continue reading

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Texas Chainsaw

Be more careful than you think necessary when operating a chainsaw. My husband and daughter were simply taking down a standing  tree that was burned in a wildfire. He is experienced and has cut many trees down with a chainsaw … Continue reading

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She Could Not Let Go

Blacky Cat came meowing loudly to my bedroom door. I got up and followed as she rushed to Catherine’s room. She got in the doorway and looked right then left. When she didn’t see Catherine, she led me to the … Continue reading

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A Food Revolution of Indians of the Americas

  Think freeze-dried food is new? A modern freeze-drier called HarvestRight states in it’s advertising about freeze dried food:  As a food preservation method, it is easier than canning and dehydrating and will last 7 to 8 times longer. Just … Continue reading

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Two Memorable “Whiffs”

I posted this on my facebook page. Thinking about the Whiff of Alaska sent to me for Christmas I remembered another Whiff of Alaska. Climbing Mt Roberts behind Juneau Alaska, I knew I probably would not come back to … Continue reading

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Country Living Joyful News

January 17, 2015 One acre of our land had suffered the 2009 and 2011 Wildfires and a noxious weed, ragwort, had taken over between the fallen trees. It was impossible to walk on the uneven land. We hired a wonderful … Continue reading

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Unlikely Says My Husband and I Admit Improbable – But True!

© Mary H. Mils I often pass through the living room and paused to look out the big picture window. A few times I heard a commotion and saw the postman pinned up against my neighbors garage door across the … Continue reading

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Herb Studies: An Aztec Herbal 1552

Treasure Huntingsubmitted by Mary H. Mills When the weather is wet and cold I like to surf the web for interesting stuff. One of my favorite sites is I find surprises nearly every time I search through this site. … Continue reading

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A Very Green Shopping Mall-The Mall of the Americas

My daughter, Catherine and I have observed in Arlington and Austin, Texas shopping Malls are disappearing. We wondered if this was just local or national. The CEO of a major shopping mall building company recently warned that “within 10 to … Continue reading

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