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Significance of the Prickly Pear Cactus

  For a long time, as he tells in his _Narrative_, Cabeza de Vaca was a kind of prisoner to coastal Indians of Texas. Annually, during the season when prickly pear apples (_tunas_, or Indian figs, as they are called … Continue reading

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Phytophobia by Mary H. Mills

Common plants used for health purposes has caused an epidemic of hysteria and misinformation in all parts of the United States. The hysteria is based on limited or erroneous information from physicians and reporters untrained or uninformed about the proper … Continue reading

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Animal, bird adaptations to toxicity

by Mary H. Mills Cornell University Department of Animal Science I have been amazed at the National Geographic Magazine and the Discovery Channel as well as other programs that report how scientists are closely observing the behavior of animals, … Continue reading

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Wild Foods

by Mary H. Mills Humans are omnivorous. Good thing too. They evolved on a diet that was rich in the amino acids, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants in the wild plants and animals they gathered and hunted. Terrestrial foods and … Continue reading

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