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High Tech Mystery-What are apps?

I had begun to notice that some functions that I had used in programs no longer seemed to work when I upgraded. After some frustration I realized that some functions no longer existed in these upgraded applications. Then I bought … Continue reading

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Local Sustainable Organic Farms near Austin Texas

Here are some websites to help you get ideas on how other people have become sustainable in their lifestyles. This selection should get you fired up to find other ideas that you may want to implement right here in Central … Continue reading

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Sustainable Means Living Green

I “Googled” the word sustainable on my laptop. Amazing. There certainly is a lot of information for us to explore. Here is a sampling: General Magazines Our Planet is the magazine of the United Nations Environment Program, first published after … Continue reading

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Love, Grief, Understanding

He has been gone for 8 months. He died February 1st. February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September. Now I begin October without him. For fifty two years of marriage I did not see so many things As they … Continue reading

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We Used to Think—Water, Water,Everywhere…..

“and not a drop to drink” may be in our future. If you are paying attention, worldwide there is a concern for available water. Underground water sources are being depleted and drought conditions mean that recharge of the underground water … Continue reading

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