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Texas Holiday Herbs

I remember as a child  entering my home in Alaska from playing in the snow to be enveloped in delicious, hunger stimulating scents coming from the kitchen. My mother was busy preparing a Thanksgiving feast. Many years later, I entered … Continue reading

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Tech Terms–RSS-Really Simple Syndication (for REAL?)

Personal computing is relatively an early concept. Has it been only about 40 + years ago that I could buy my first personal computer? I thought at that time, “Wow, a device to simplify so much of my life: word … Continue reading

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Aquaponics-Gone Fishing

My daughter and I put off the task as long as possible, but the temperature dropping to freezing make our decision for us. We had worked for two years to get to this point and we just had to go … Continue reading

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What is Aquaponics-and how is it Sustainable?

I read a magazine article that described a project in one of the Carolina states, North or South? I don’t remember exactly the details. What I do remember is the project. It was called “Aquaponics” and the description just inspired … Continue reading

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As our grandparents and even our parents are moving out of our lives with knowledge of how they lived in a “pre-industrial or pre-digital age”. They take with priceless knowledge not because they want to but because they believe that … Continue reading

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