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I am all for sustainable living but there are limits. Catherine, my daughter sent me an email with recommendations that I check out a website. Her response to this site is Eeeeuuuuwww!!!! What do you think?

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Unlikely Says My Husband and I Admit Improbable – But True!

© Mary H. Mils I often pass through the living room and paused to look out the big picture window. A few times I heard a commotion and saw the postman pinned up against my neighbors garage door across the … Continue reading

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Herbal Knowledge – Sustainable Health

  Instinct, trial and error or acute observation led herbalists to the beneficial medicinal uses of herbs. This knowledge was valued and passed down from generation to generation in cultures around the world. In the Middle East and other local … Continue reading

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Herb Studies: An Aztec Herbal 1552

Treasure Huntingsubmitted by Mary H. Mills When the weather is wet and cold I like to surf the web for interesting stuff. One of my favorite sites is I find surprises nearly every time I search through this site. … Continue reading

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Missed This Meetup? Electromagnetics and Magnetic Fields

Bastrop Sustainable Meetup December 20, 2014 · 12:00 PM Electromagnetics and Magnetic Fields- The Effects on You, Your Plants and Fish   A lot of what was covered can be found in a variety of websites that give pros and … Continue reading

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