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Communication from Rural Texas

Watching the news on TV or reading newspapers and magazines A lot of news is just a mystery I get really mad at some news I read in newspapers or see on TV    Some news is down right scary … Continue reading

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Solar energy saving soldiers lives?

The danger of reliance on fossil fuels in the middle of a war zone are lessons learned in wars both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Importing and transporting fuel onto the battlefield is incredibly expensive. Supply chains could be disrupted by … Continue reading

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Thin Air?

“Everyone says we are in a drought. I usually believe it, but have you noticed that even without any rain for most of this month, there was a lot of dew drops on all our plants every morning?” my daughter asked … Continue reading

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"Alone Again (Naturally)" was written by Gilbert O’Sullivan.

This sentiment has been expressed to me by other people Blogging and adding to Facebook. This lyric seems to bounce around in my head lately. With some modification it can apply to many of us. In a little while from … Continue reading

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