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Election News – Who Is Out of Touch

The election will soon be over. The republicans will continue to debase Obama and Hillary until they die or republicans die. Such wasted tax payer money will continue and no problems of the country will be addressed. Is this what … Continue reading

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Un-Mask And Defeat Terror

  Citizens of modern society face a dilemma since Criminals and Law Enforcement hide behind masks. Both Criminals and Law Enforcement want to hide their true identity. Masks allow these people to perform a task without being identified by others. … Continue reading

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Tlingit Children Memories Are Made Of This

Missonaries in Alaska during the 1940s-1950s taught Tlingit (SE Alaska Indian) kids this song. Jesus loves the Indian boy Bow and arrow for a toy Big Filipino, wee Chinese… Jesus died for all of these. Yes Jesus loves them, Yes … Continue reading

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