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You Can Die of a Broken Heart

My Mother died exactly one day less than a year from the day my Dad died. I was 14 years old. My brother, 18 years old, said to me the day before that morning, “We need to be home with … Continue reading

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What is a “Den” and “Parlor”?

I have wondered about a curious practice I experienced since I have lived in rural Texas. Often, actually always when we visit neighbors we are met in the yard and the visit entirely is conducted there, outside the house. This … Continue reading

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I Never Want To Go Back

My doctor recommended some exercise therapy after I told her I saw a local exercise place that had aqua therapy. That appealed to me as I loved swimming. I learned to swim when my kids took lessons at the Red … Continue reading

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Saving Sauces

Catherine and I buy sauces and once open, they may be used in only small amounts, so we leave the jars of opened sauce in the refrigerator. Often we do not need the same sauce again for a long time. … Continue reading

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