An Apology for the Direction This Facebook Page Has Taken

I never intended for my facebook page to be political. I got trapped in the impossible events of Standing Rock Water Protectors and the Presidential election. I cannot ignore or avoid posting about these issues.

I would like for the Standing Rock issue to end but I know it is the tip of the iceberg. Pipelines are being laid all over our country and will continue to risk our populations and we cannot stop big oil interests that ignore the risks..

And the presidential election will not end when the vote is tallied. Republicans are already announcing the plans to block any progress of Hillary the same way the did for 8 years of the Obama administration. (they have no shame or concern for the country).  I fear what Trump represents and I am horrified with the support he has.

I wish Republicans would remember Eric Cantor’s fall from grace when he was voted out of the House of Representatives because he stopped representing the people who sent him to Washington. I wish they would stop focusing on destruction and begin working on construction of issues that affect me, my children and ultimately my future grandchildren.

(from an American Indian Elder)

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