WARNING ! Extra fees and frustration. AT&T

WARNING ! Extra fees and frustration.
There is a reason not to get Internet, TV and Cell Phone on the same provider.

We live in the country and had our Cell Phone and Internet on different providers.

We do not pick up our mail every day as our mail box is about 2-3 city blocks from our house. We usually pick up our mail on the way to town once a week. I was sick and did not pick up our mail for 10 days. We sorted the mail and somehow missed the AT&T bill. We did not know we didn”t pay for that month.

The next bill also sat in the mail box for a few extra days past a week due to health problems. Now we were way overdue on both last month and this month so we were billed for the two months. Again there was a delay getting the payment to the post office (we mail checks at the post office not in our mail box next to the highway). With checks for current bills in hand to take to the post office, we stop to see what was in the mailbox next to the highway.

AT&T sent a notice that we were going to be suspended! Yipes. We went immediately to the AT&T office downtown. My daughter, Catherine explained the delays in payment so the billing office would know we were sending in the payment, she was told just mail it in so we did. The next thing we knew we were suspended and to reconnect would cost $40.

I am an elder, I am on oxygen therapy, and I live in a rural area. When my daughter goes to work, I will be unable to call for help if I have an emergency. We were glad we still had Internet and tried to contact someone at AT&T to explain that we were mailing payment for two months. The attempt was frustrating as I was sent from one recorded message to another and never reached a person. I asked my daughter, Catherine to go by the AT&T office downtown on her way to work and try to get this cleared up.

I know some people would say we could pay online, but some companies charge up to $5.00 for each payment to pay online. That is why we still pay with checks.

We are very glad our cell phone and internet connection are on different services so we are not completely cut off from any communication with the outside world if there is a problem with one service.

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