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Which Medicinal Plant?

How do we know we are all talking about the same plant? Early records of observers of Native American use of plants for healing and other practices was done by people who were not steeped in technical learning. They appreciated … Continue reading

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Memories- Thanksgiving to Herbs

If you ever doubted the benefits of aromatherapy, late November and December is  the time to dispel those misgivings. Just remember the last time you walked into a house where a traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas meal was being prepared. Remember … Continue reading

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Herbal Knowledge – Sustainable Health

  Instinct, trial and error or acute observation led herbalists to the beneficial medicinal uses of herbs. This knowledge was valued and passed down from generation to generation in cultures around the world. In the Middle East and other local … Continue reading

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Herb Studies: An Aztec Herbal 1552

Treasure Huntingsubmitted by Mary H. Mills When the weather is wet and cold I like to surf the web for interesting stuff. One of my favorite sites is Amazon.com. I find surprises nearly every time I search through this site. … Continue reading

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Lethal Poison-Who Would Have Thought?

  I was reading a murder mystery by an author, Susan Wittig Albert. Relaxing with her book An Unthymely Death and other Garden Mysteries, I became very curious if the toxin mentioned in this story really was a lethal poison. … Continue reading

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Thank a Green Plant Today

My next door neighbor, Susan, came bouncing into my home often with the greeting, “Hi, have you thanked a green plant today?”  Once she even recommended that I read up on the sex life of oak trees! I didn’t give … Continue reading

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Phytophobia by Mary H. Mills

Common plants used for health purposes has caused an epidemic of hysteria and misinformation in all parts of the United States. The hysteria is based on limited or erroneous information from physicians and reporters untrained or uninformed about the proper … Continue reading

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Honest Herbal Remedy

I am an informal student of herbal remedies. I came across this account and enjoy sharing it with you. I feel that this approach is often followed by modern doctors,—- “try one or another remedy to see what works.” Here … Continue reading

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