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What is a “Den” and “Parlor”?

I have wondered about a curious practice I experienced since I have lived in rural Texas. Often, actually always when we visit neighbors we are met in the yard and the visit entirely is conducted there, outside the house. This … Continue reading

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Election News – Who Is Out of Touch

The election will soon be over. The republicans will continue to debase Obama and Hillary until they die or republicans die. Such wasted tax payer money will continue and no problems of the country will be addressed. Is this what … Continue reading

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Un-Mask And Defeat Terror

  Citizens of modern society face a dilemma since Criminals and Law Enforcement hide behind masks. Both Criminals and Law Enforcement want to hide their true identity. Masks allow these people to perform a task without being identified by others. … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Indigenous Maya and Aztec Heritage

My daughter, Catherine said, “Hey, Mom. There’s going to be an Extravaganza in LaGrange, TX.” Hmmm. An Extravaganza?  Where? We decided to check it out. The internet provided the following information. La Grange is a city in Fayette County, Texas, … Continue reading

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A Food Revolution of Indians of the Americas

  Think freeze-dried food is new? A modern freeze-drier called HarvestRight states in it’s advertising about freeze dried food:  As a food preservation method, it is easier than canning and dehydrating and will last 7 to 8 times longer. Just … Continue reading

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As our grandparents and even our parents are moving out of our lives with knowledge of how they lived in a “pre-industrial or pre-digital age”. They take with priceless knowledge not because they want to but because they believe that … Continue reading

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What is “Sustainable” and Why should I join Bastrop Sustainable?

It seems it is easy to believe that what exists now has always been so.  I felt that way when I was a young teen-aged girl.  I lived among people who had methods of harvesting wild foods that did not … Continue reading

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