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You Can Die of a Broken Heart

My Mother died exactly one day less than a year from the day my Dad died. I was 14 years old. My brother, 18 years old, said to me the day before that morning, “We need to be home with … Continue reading

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What is a “Den” and “Parlor”?

I have wondered about a curious practice I experienced since I have lived in rural Texas. Often, actually always when we visit neighbors we are met in the yard and the visit entirely is conducted there, outside the house. This … Continue reading

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I Never Want To Go Back

My doctor recommended some exercise therapy after I told her I saw a local exercise place that had aqua therapy. That appealed to me as I loved swimming. I learned to swim when my kids took lessons at the Red … Continue reading

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Hiding in Plain Site

I have a Doctor’s appointment with a Rheumatologist, a specialist to have my conditions looked at. I have a bunch of issues that I collected in my 75 years. Most I just ignore and try to get on the best … Continue reading

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