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Disappearing Chicken Mystery at The Purple Gate Herb Farm

Catherine L. Mills I have a few backyard chickens for egg production. I have learned a lot with the 5-6 chickens for the past few years. I researched, planned, and built a portable chicken coop with the ideas of moving … Continue reading

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Texas Chainsaw

Be more careful than you think necessary when operating a chainsaw. My husband and daughter were simply taking down a standing  tree that was burned in a wildfire. He is experienced and has cut many trees down with a chainsaw … Continue reading

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She Could Not Let Go

Blacky Cat came meowing loudly to my bedroom door. I got up and followed as she rushed to Catherine’s room. She got in the doorway and looked right then left. When she didn’t see Catherine, she led me to the … Continue reading

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A Food Revolution of Indians of the Americas

  Think freeze-dried food is new? A modern freeze-drier called HarvestRight states in it’s advertising about freeze dried food:  As a food preservation method, it is easier than canning and dehydrating and will last 7 to 8 times longer. Just … Continue reading

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Two Memorable “Whiffs”

I posted this on my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006289247823 Thinking about the Whiff of Alaska sent to me for Christmas I remembered another Whiff of Alaska. Climbing Mt Roberts behind Juneau Alaska, I knew I probably would not come back to … Continue reading

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Unlikely Says My Husband and I Admit Improbable – But True!

© Mary H. Mils I often pass through the living room and paused to look out the big picture window. A few times I heard a commotion and saw the postman pinned up against my neighbors garage door across the … Continue reading

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Unexpected Consequences

We live far enough away from our family that when they visit over night they have to stay in a motel. To save money and encourage them to spend more time with us we looked for a way to offer … Continue reading

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Lethal Poison-Who Would Have Thought?

  I was reading a murder mystery by an author, Susan Wittig Albert. Relaxing with her book An Unthymely Death and other Garden Mysteries, I became very curious if the toxin mentioned in this story really was a lethal poison. … Continue reading

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Sweepstakes Offer or Scam?

Yes, you do not have to purchase anything to win. But now they have your name and email address and will send you scary messages that you are about to lose a chance to win, threats to your entry in … Continue reading

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Hope Springs Eternal

The TV droned on in the living room providing one horrible story after another. A plane shot down with hundreds dead, a car crash killing 20, a lone shooter with an automatic rifle shooting people in a mall, on and … Continue reading

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